About us


Bee Computing is a mining rig company focusing on key customers (long-term capital). It has obtained technology resources and capital funding from two global top 10 semiconductor companies, MediaTek and ASE Group.

Inheriting the semiconductor gene, Bee Computing is familiar with the characteristics and rules of the chip industry. It has established the development principle of "allying with giants" and choose to cooperate with MTK, the Top 1 chip design company in Asia, TSMC, the Top 1 semiconductor manufacturer in the world for foundry, and ASE, the Top1 IC assembly and testing house to ensure its advanced nature and leading edge of technology of its products.

Bee Computing now has the core competitiveness of 7nm chip technology, providing customers with the most advanced mining rig and the safest bitcoin investment channel.

Better Technology Better Product More Reliable Choice



  • Mar
    Bee Computing was established, raising $35.5 million Series A round. Investors mainly come from semiconductor and blockchain industries.
  • Jul
    12nm E1 chip Tape-out
  • Dec
    7nm E2 chip Tape-out
    Enter into an ECO for better performance and yield


  • Mar
    The Series B funding was led by MediaTek and ASE with a pre-money valuation of $300 million
  • Apr
    7nm E2P chip ECO from E2
    Remarkable yield over 96% with low power consumption of 42~59W/T. Best yield product in TSMC 7 nm process
  • Jun
    The Series C funding round was led by companies from semiconductor and blockchain industry with a pre-money valuation of $400 million
  • Sep
    Mass production of B2 mining machine with E2P chips
    Product delivery in September 2019


  • Jan
    7nm E3 and 16nm E3+ planned to Tape-out
    Brand new structure of SHA 256 chip design for super low power consumption